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Olfactory scientists say using scent is smart marketing

Scratch and Sniff

Scratch and sniff technology involves treating an object with a micro-encapsulated fragrance coating.When the coating is scratched or touched, it releases the fragrance that you can smell.

Available in:

  • Dried Micro-encapsulated scented powder (for own mix)
  • Scented water based Varnish for Silk-Screen
  • Dispersion varnish for offset.
  • Dispersion varnish for spray-unit
  • Dispersion varnish for Flexo


MultiScent is a brand new non textile fragrance application. It’s a revolutionary process to print a scent on all kinds of material with a constant and slow fragrance release. No Scratch required.

Available in:

  • Dried scented powder (for own mix)
  • Scented water based varnish


We empower manufacturing businesses like yours to take your products to the next creative level with our exciting patent-protected technology that can fuse virtually any scent onto or into almost any substrates.


  • LSG100: Scented Fabric Coatings
  • LSG200: Scented Injection Mold Extrusion
  • LSG300: Scented Print - Textile