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Plastisol Screen Printing Ink

DuraScent®LSG 301-302

Water-based Screen Printing Ink

o    DuraScent® is a revolutionary process fragrance application that can fuse virtually any Scent onto almost any type of textile with constant, long lasting and slow fragrance-release without having to scratch or to touch the scented surface, because DuraScent®LSG-300/302 emits the scent continuously.

o    A superbly effective tool to communicate your art and brand message, there are more than 5000 DuraScent®LSG-300/302 scents to choose from, not including custom fragrances to suit your needs.

o    Our unique and exclusive scent retaining carrier is suitable for all kinds of textile and has excellent wash properties.

o    The DuraScent® family of fragrance oils, is in compliance with the cosmetic regulation as well as the recommendations of the IFRA and REACH.

DuraScent®LSG-300/302 is suitable for nearly all kinds of textiles:

♦ Wearing Apparel

♦ Bedding

♦ Kitchen & Bath

♦ Auto

♦ Promotional & Direct mail

♦ Aroma Market & Fragrance introductions

Available in:


Injection Molding / Extrusion

o    DuraScent®LSG-200 lets you breathe new life into your creative ideas . It gives you a new sensory dimension to work with in the areas of product design and empowers you to expand your product lines both vertically and horizontally. You can take branding, product differentiation, new products and markets to new heights with this coveted capability.

o    DuraScent® LSG-200 allows for consistent and homogenous integration of scent during our fragrance application, resulting in our signature scent longevity in the final products, without disrupting your production process.

DuraScent®LSG 200 is suitable for all kinds of liquid injection mold/extrusion applications:

♦ Cellphone /Tablet Covers

♦ Personal Accessories


♦ Artificial Flowers

♦ Fitness Equipment

♦ Home

♦ Bed

♦ Bath

♦ Kitchen

♦ Family of RTU Scented Resins and Applications



o    DuraScent®LSG-100 adds a new olfactory dimension to your fabric coatings, by fusing premium leather scent into your product without changing the characteritics of the man-made leather.

o    Long lasting and slow fragrance-release scent greatly enhances the leather-quality appeal of your product, and opens up a spectrum of possibilities for your product design.

o    Advanced technology in the field of polymers has enabled man-made leather to resemble real leather. To consumers, it is no longer good enough for man-made leather to look and feel like leather, but it has to SMELL like geniune leather. DuraScent®LSG-100 does just that.

o    DuraScent®LSG-200, integrated with improved polyurethane coating technology, represents the future development trend of man-made leather industry, which is flourishing and is moving in the direction of greener sustainability and functionlity..

DuraScent®LSG-100 is suitable for all kinds of resin-based applications:

♦ Furniture/Furnishing

♦ Apparel/Accessories

♦ Aviation

♦ Automotive

♦ Fitness Equipment

♦ Hospitality

♦ Marine/RVs

♦ Footwear

♦ Healthcare/Hospitals

♦ Residential

♦ Commercial Offices

♦ Interiors

♦ Entertainment

♦ Family of RTU Scented Resins and Applications

DuraScent LSG300
DuraScent LSG200
DuraScent LSG100
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